Art of Eastern Science That is our promise to you. We are a premium Feng Shui consultancy service in Singapore. Over 30 years of
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Life can be a truly harmonious balance of the yin and the yang. Whatever frictions (or unbalance) that occur that prevents our life from being smooth-sailing can actually be mitigated and even removed.
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A Premium Feng Shui
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Art of Eastern Science Academy has been providing premium Feng Shui consultations and Chinese astrology services and teachings worldwide. Our clients ranges from the commoner to the top prestige corporations around Asia. Some of the industries we covered includes manufacturing, telcos, transport, hospital, restaurants, beauty saloons, spas, many retail shops, even casket business and many more.

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Our Services

We offer various premium Feng Shui services ranging from individual destiny analysis to house and office environmental science audit.
Art of Eastern Science

Residental Environmental Science Audit

A good House Feng Shui is key to improving your life in many aspects. Such as career, relationships, health and your family’s lives as a whole. A bad House Feng Shui will only do more harm than good.
Art of Eastern Science

Commercial Environmental Science Audit

Your office is the heart of your business. Having good Office Feng Shui ensures the smooth running of operations, is vital to increasing revenue and helps to maintain harmony among staffs.

Purple Star Astrology (Zi Wei Dou Shu)

Knowing one’s self is crucial to success in life, such as health, wealth and more. By focusing on your strengths instead of your weaknesses and doing the right things at the right time, you can be a winner!
Art of Eastern Science

Name Selection

An auspicious name is important for a newborn for a good head start, having a good name gives you a much needed lift in life.
Art of Eastern Science

Birth Date Selection

A good life starts by having a good destiny blueprint. So by selecting a proper birth date and time for an unborn child, the child can grow up to be the sort of person the parents imagine him/her to be.
Art of Eastern Science

Sheng Ji Feng Shui

Sheng Ji, also known as Lifegrave, is a technique passed down since ancient times, that harnesses the energy of the Heavens and Earth to benefit the people. It is one of the most well kept secret of Feng Shui.
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Why Choose Us?

Art of Eastern Science Academy practises classical true Feng Shui that uses pure earth and timeliness energy which is distinctive from other mainstream Feng Shui firms. Furthermore, we produce real results which can be seen or felt by clients as early as in a matter of days after adjustments to their home or office.

No Auspicious Ornaments

There is no direct connection of auspicious ornaments placement contributing good Feng Shui to your home or office.

No Auspicious Accessories

There is no direct connection of auspicious accessories enhancing good energy or luck to oneself.

No Religious Artefacts

The aim of Feng Shui is to bring harmony between the built and natural environment so as to manipulate Qi, and religious artefacts do not play a part.

No Renovation

In 99% of our cases, no renovation is required to make the necessary adjustments to your home or office to attract good Feng Shui.

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