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General Questions

New around here ? Start With the Basics

Feng Shui is essentially an Environmental Science.

The reason why we call it a science is because it is a CALCULABLE and MEASURABLE environmental factor that takes into account of the place we live / work in and its surroundings.

The main tool we use is the luopan / compass. Just like how scientists have their own measurement tool.

Feng Shui is the interaction of the Earth’s magnetic field and the resulting effect it has on us.

This magnetic field is also known as energy and is classified into 5 elements.

It is a SCIENTIFIC and MEASURABLE environmental factor that takes into account of the place we live / work in and its surroundings.

It is NOT about buying auspicious ornaments.

The effects of true and authentic Feng Shui is very real (prominent and obvious) and very fast (usually within 7 days to 1 month).

Our clients do not have to wait long to receive its benefits.

If you have had experience with long waiting time or felt that there is little to no effect when engaging other Masters, you have probably not received proper Feng Shui at all.

Art of Eastern Science Academy has worked with many households and businesses all around the world, from Singapore to Malaysia, from Thailand to China, you name it, we have it.

Other Masters may only visit your premise once. However here at Art of Eastern Science Academy we are with you from the first visit, the Fengs Shui process and the final completion. This means that we will visit your premise for a minimum of THREE TIMES to ensure that everything is smoothly done.

Moreover, we DO NOT sell any auspicious ornaments. There will be NO spending of THOUSANDS of dollars just to buy an auspicious ornament or a painting.

Experience and value.

Experience from plenty of Feng Shui cases done hand-in-hand with all our Masters together.

Our Masters do not just teach Feng Shui but are working on the ground for years, providing Feng Shui consulting services on various cases from factories, hospitals, bungalows and hotels.

That valuable practical knowledge & experience? It cannot be simply be lifted off from a book or the Internet.

Our projects speak for themselves because our clients still return to us for their regular Feng Shui maintenance every year. This is where our true value is demonstrated. If we hadn’t provide value, these clients wouldn’t have come back.

Our goal is to develop a long term relationship with you. That’s why our Feng Shui focuses on results – we will never ask you to wait 1-2 years for the impact to show up. 

The price depends on the type of house you are living in or the type and size of your business.

Some Masters may charge $388 for a House Feng Shui Analysis. However, we are unable to speak for other Feng Shui practitioners and what they do exactly.

Prices should not be the main basis for comparison. Some prices sound very affordable and cheap but with no significant end results. There are no changes in luck, except an additional purchase of a nice ornament that simply decorates the house.

And that could result in a lesson that is more expensive than the initial fees paid.

Our promise is that within 7 days to 1 month – some results will start to show up. 

All you have to do is fill up our contact form on our website and we will contact you at your convenience.

It is important to include your phone number in the form so that we can speak to you personally.

We will next schedule a meet-up to better understand your situation and give you a personalised Feng Shui evaluation to fulfil your requirements.

You can then make your decision to engage our Feng Shui services based on our evaluation.