Residental Environmental Science Audit

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Residential Environmental Science Audit aka House Feng Shui

As the Chinese saying goes “福地福人居,衰人住衰房”, which literally translates to mean “the lucky will stay in a prosperous land, while the unlucky will stay in an unlucky environment”. Therefore should you change your environment into a lucky one, you too will become lucky. That is the essence of our Residential Environmental Science Audit, also known as House Feng Shui.

If you are experiencing bad luck such as constant health problems, instability in your career or business, frequent arguments with the people around you, poor academics performance, or even marriage issues, it is highly likely that you are suffering from bad House Feng Shui. This applies to you even more so if you suddenly experience any of these after moving house or when a new year begins.

Here at Art of Eastern Science, we can help you using our classical Feng Shui techniques to locate the root of the problem and provide the appropriate remedies to minimise your issues. Our classical Feng Shui remedies do not need you to wait long to see results. Once applied you will definitely see results within 7 days to a month. You also do not need to purchase any auspicious ornaments when it comes to real authentic Feng Shui.

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