Commercial Environmental Science Audit

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Commercial Environmental Science Audit aka Office Feng Shui

Do you have a proven business strategy that should have made you successful, but instead you are dealing with bad debts, poor sales revenue, payment delays, uncooperative staff, workplace disharmony and a not so favourable business outlook as a whole? The key to solving all of this could very well lie in your Office Environmental Science, also known as Office Feng Shui.

In general, businesses that have bad Office Feng Shui will feel the effects listed above within 1 month of operation. The problem will also persist sometimes throughout the year or even for the entire length of operation. On other occasions, business may be impacted when transitioning into a new year or after moving into a new office. That is why we see that some businesses close, when they have only just started within the same year or just after a major renovation.

Here at Art of Eastern Science, our authentic Feng Shui techniques caters to businesses from every industry, ranging from retail shops and restaurants, all the way to factories and buildings. Our techniques will pinpoint the underlying problem with your business and give appropriate remedies to solve them. Within 1 to 3 months of operations, you should start to see apparent and positive changes to your business. You do not need to wait long and neither do you have to purchase any auspicious ornaments.

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