Sheng Ji Feng Shui

Art of Eastern Science

Sheng Ji Feng Shui aka Lifegrave

Sheng Ji, also known as Lifegrave, is a technique passed down since ancient times, that harnesses the energy of the Heavens and Earth to benefit the people. It is one of the most well kept secret of Feng Shui. It uses the properties of Yin Feng Shui to channel energy into a living person, by creating a pseudo tomb for him or her. This is the highest order of Feng Shui one may attain in their lifetime.

Constructing a Sheng Ji is no easy feat. It requires a very experienced Master and one that is very attentive to details. This is because everything from the site selection process, to the placement of the urn, to the selection of time and the completion of the Sheng Ji tablet, must be matched to the owner’s Bazi, for the Sheng Ji to be fully effective. A truly effective Sheng Ji can even overturn the fates of terminal illness, financial failures and legal entanglements.

Sheng Ji can be constructed for anyone. It is not like in the past where it is reserved exclusively for the emperor or for nobles. As long as the person has an unbalanced Bazi, he or she is welcomed to seek this service from us. Such good Feng Shui must inevitably also be accompanied by good deeds and a kind heart from the owner, in order for him or her to fully maximise the energy given by the Heavens and Earth.

Here at Art of Eastern Science, our attention to details and accuracy of less than 1 degree will help you to seal away any pressing problems that troubles you greatly. Our technique will release you from any obstacle in your way. You do not have to wait long for your Sheng Ji effect to take place. Within 2 weeks to a month, you will start to see impactful and sometimes even about-turn changes to your life. Let us help you during your critical moments in life.

The Benefits