Name Selection

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Name Selection

In modern society, a name is an identity. Most people take this for granted as it is a given when one is born. However, in terms of Feng Shui, a name is so much more. It is one of the key cornerstone that can positively supplement a person’s luck. Thus a good Name Selection is crucial in terms of health, wealth, marriage and other aspects of life.

Generally, every name has an element, either wood, fire, earth, metal or water. It follows you throughout your life and is difficult to change midway. As such, it is important that its element is your favourable element and not your unfavourable element.

Here at Art of Eastern Science, our aim is not to seek perfection. Nothing in the world is perfect. What is important is that we will select a name that balances your Bazi in terms of the 5 elements concept. By infusing your name with favourable elements, we can thus fill up and harmonise the gaps or weaknesses in your life.

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