How A Mother & Daughter’s Life Was Turned Around After A Feng Shui Audit

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How A Mother & Daughter’s Life Was Turned Around After A Fengshui Audit

How A Mother & Daughter’s Life Was Turned Around After A Feng Shui Audit

Back in April earlier this year, I had the opportunity to meet with this young lady who had certain personal and business issues. She understood that I did regular Feng Shui audits and was interested to find out how I could help her.

For Clara – who is currently in her early 30s – she has been facing various financial issues due to her father’s poor business results.

While her father’s poor business acumen caused cash flow issues for her family, it also forced her to become more independent – she took up various part-time jobs to support herself during her university years.

Unfortunately, the financial situation did get bad enough that her family was forced to sell their existing property and downgrade to a flat.

Her Situation In Her Own Words:

“Dad’s credit card debt got so bad that we had to sell our house and downgrade to a HDB flat. Of course, we were all stressed out and very much affected. To top it off, Dad dragged his feet and refused to sell the house. As a result, we faced huge emotional upheavals in the house. Despite that, we finally managed to move to our current flat in Sembawang and things got better for a while. However, cash flow problems continue to plague dad because he could not even do simple record keeping and accounting. He belonged to the generation of traditional Chinese businessmen who have no knowledge of such skills. And being the oldest son, my dad has to pay for most of the maintenance of my paternal grandparents. To sum it up, I have no respect for my dad’s brothers because they bring nothing but trouble, in particular, money problems.”

The Turning Point

As I listened to her problems and issues she faced, I realized her turning point was when her paternal grandmother passed away. As she was in charge of the funeral arrangements, it took a heavy emotional toll on her as she dealt with unhelpful relatives who were eyeing the funeral donations instead of trying to support one another.

This heavy emotional toll was what led her to search for a dependable Feng Shui master to help her – her goal was to get a Bazi analysis done in order to investigate whether indeed the cause of her problems was Feng Shui related.

The Initial Consultation Session

When she first came to see me, she mentioned that she was taken aback by my young age.

(Ah – the perils of being a young millennial)

But I managed to put her at ease by:

  • Telling her things she needed to hear instead of things she wanted to hear
  • Considering all her issues carefully before offering a solution to mitigate it

By being honest and upfront, she seemed more comfortable and was willing to move forward – and agreed for me to conduct a Feng Shui audit at her house.

Her impression of me during our initial consultation in her own words:

“Master Wang also explained very clearly, without any gimmicky sales talk (paying a fortune to buy Feng Shui items) on the true concept of what Feng Shui is, so that you can decide on your next step.”

The Actual Feng Shui Audit

I requested for everyone to be present for the Feng Shui audit – however only she and her mother was present. The main reason why everyone should be present is so they fully understand for the Feng Shui audit to work – they have to work together and understand the importance of my recommendations.

Nevertheless, I completed the audit and recommended they get some simple and inexpensive items to start getting the house energies in order.

Some of these items were:

  • A
  • B
  • C

To safeguard the secrets of our industry, I will not be listing the actual items here. The price range of these items? Between $5 to $20.

The Immediate Impact Was… Astonishing

It will seem weird for me to toot my own horn so I am going to just use her own words here:

“Mom was having issues with her leg and they were so bad that sometimes, she could not even stand (very dangerous when this strikes her when she’s out). After the C was put in place, the problems with her legs started to improve. Interesting fact: I took a while to buy the extension wire for the C to be placed in the Master Bedroom. One day, her right leg started acting up again, but I hadn’t known. On that particular day, coincidentally, I casually (unaware of her afflictions), put the extension wire in place. That was at 6 plus in the evening. By seven plus, her leg had miraculously stopped hurting. When she saw the C in her room, she asked me what time I turned it on. As we corroborated our stories, we just could not believe how such a simple remedy can have such a huge effect.”

The Impact On Her Own Business

Clara shared with me that she felt her business life was becoming more smooth-sailing. It seemed that her inflow of business enquiries and leads continued to increase and grow.

In her own words:

“As for my business, I’m just surprised that random people I’ve met and were given my name cards started to call me up and enquire about my services. I would never have expected them to really come back to me since it has never happened even though I make it a habit to promote my company whenever possible. It’s too much of a coincidence as this happened after the remedies were in place. I had hoped that I would not get too many new clients now since my partners are slated to withdraw from my company as one of them could not agree to the monthly allowance I was asking. However, I have been getting a lot of enquiries and I can’t turn them away.”


In order for the positive impact from the Feng Shui recommendations to continue on and last – regular follow-up needs to be done as the Flying Stars shift throughout the year.

Some alterations are needed to avoid or lessen the impact of any negative pitfalls. I will also send regular reminders to advise them on the changes needed to be done by certain dates.

Getting her feedback and compliments have indeed heartened me and I am glad that there is some measurable positive impact on their lives.

To me, this is the main purpose of Feng Shui – to use this ancient wisdom to improve the lives of everyone so we can all live in harmony with our environment.

In this 21st century disruptive era, we can sometimes feel disconnected and even out of place as we are continuously being pushed out of our comfort zones.

If you are feeling disjointed and feel that there some sort of harmony lacking in your life, I invite you to contact me for a no-obligation consultation session. We will explore whether the problems you are facing are indeed Feng Shui related.

P.S. You can read her entire review on my services here at


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