What Are Fortune Cycles?

What Are Fortune Cycles?

What Are Fortune Cycles?

According to the Compass School, a house can be favorable within a certain time span of 20 years to multiple of 20 years but it may become unfavorable beyond that.

“Yuan” is the 60-year basic unit of the time dimension, usually termed a Great Fortune Cycle (or just “Cycle” as people call it). The word “Great” refers to the length of the cycle, not the quality of the fortune. Within one Yuan, there are three Fortune Cycles (also known as “Periods”), with each lasting 20 years.

The Seventh Fortune Cycle, also called Period 7, commenced in 1984 (the Year of Jia-Zi 甲子 in the sexagenary cycle) and ended in 2003. At present, we are in Period 8, from 2004 to 2023.

Heaven Chart of Period 7

Heaven Chart of Period 8

The nine sub-divisions of the 3 x 3 chart are called “Palaces,” and the numbers written in these “Palaces” are called “Stars.” The term “Stars” as used in Flying Stars method, has nothing to do with real stars or anything astronomical.

These symbolic numbers designate directions, that is, the directions from where Qi is coming and where it is going. Flying Stars method is all about directions and time. The directions can be read from a standard compass, or even from a digital map.

First Step To Analyze The Feng Shui of Your Home

The year your home is completed is the starting point. By determining the year, we can assign which Period Chart to use.

For instance, if your home was built in 1990, we start our analysis with the Period 7 chart.

However, if your home is scheduled to be ready only in a few years time – eg in 2021 – this means we will be at the tail end of Period 8.

Since we are likely to stay in the house for a period that extends to Period 9 – which will begin in 2024 – we should consider planning ahead.

So if you are in the process of searching for a new home currently in 2018, you should also start to take into consideration of Period 9.


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