4 Reasons Why Your Feng Shui Doesn’t Work… When Others Do

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4 Reasons Why Your Fengshui Doesn’t Work… When Others Do

4 Reasons Why Your Feng Shui Doesn’t Work… When Others Do

When down on their luck or feeling puzzled why certain things don’t go their way – some people might have thought about improving their lives using Feng Shui.

But many people will hold back and eventually do not even take any action.

Why don’t they do Feng Shui? Here are the reasons:

  • Feng Shui doesn’t work
  • Feng Shui has no effect
  • Feng Shui is just plain superstition
  • Have friends who tried Feng Shui but has “no effect”

Now, I am a believer of doing your own thorough research before dismissing an idea so easily.

If you read my previous posts, I was as skeptical as anyone regarding Feng Shui until I begin to experience the effects for myself.

Reason #1: What Is Your Definition of Feng Shui?

Have you actually tried to find out what exactly Feng Shui is? Reading about it on the Internet unfortunately only invites more confusion from its vague explanations.

Did you come out with the conclusion yourself and now have your very own version of Feng Shui?

Here are some of the common misconceptions of Feng Shui:

  • Feng Shui is the work of a higher power (buddha, spirits, ghosts)
  • Feng Shui is using up your future luck for the present
  • Feng Shui is doing good deeds (accumulating good karma)
  • Feng Shui is about believing in yourself
  • Feng Shui is about auspicious ornaments (widely spread by many false Feng Shui Masters sadly)
  • Feng Shui is about the zodiac
  • Feng Shui is just a yearly “tradition”
  • Feng Shui is going to the temple to pray every year for good luck
  • Feng Shui is about zen (isn’t zen a part of meditation?)
  • Feng Shui is about keeping your house clean and clutter free (laughable when many Westerners proclaim this)
  • And the list goes on….

Do take note that many of these misconceptions may also be spread by false Feng Shui Masters.

It is no wonder that when people start to apply these misconceptions – of course they will see NO effect.

This brings us to our first reason why YOUR Feng Shui doesn’t work.

If you don’t know the REAL definition of Feng Shui, how can you make a decision to say whether it works or not?

You have to know what REAL Feng Shui is first.

It is a simple definition: Feng Shui is a science which deals with location and direction AND its impact of the magnetic field in a premise on people.

That’s it really.

It is really short and sweet – there is no need to be confused by other things.

What Feng Shui Is Not

Sadly, this has become a common practice for Feng Shui Masters to preach the selling of auspicious ornaments.

Some Feng Shui Masters have even gone to set up physical retail outlets to make these auspicious ornaments available.

They have spent a lot of money on marketing year after year… spreading this false information.

Some famous names are “W**F******I”, “Y*** ***** S**” and “L**** ** W****”.

A wide audience of the world has begun to fall for these so-called ornaments.

These “auspicious ornaments” can range from small coins to wide paintings and to jade statues of animals or plants the size of a basketball.

Some even bigger sized – and its cost can also range between a few dollars to thousands of dollars.

If one traces back the history of Feng Shui, you would have realized that it has existed since the ancient times in China.

The roots of Feng Shui came from wisdom of ancient China and has been passed down for thousands of years.

So let me ask a logical question:

4 Reasons Why Your Fengshui Doesn’t Work… When Others Do
4 Reasons Why Your Fengshui Doesn’t Work… When Others Do

Do the ancient Chinese have the ability to create ornaments like this? 

I don’t think so.

But strangely many people believe in this.

This is how these Feng Shui Masters make money – by enticing customers with a low entry price consultation.

Then after that, they will upsell them with various auspicious ornaments.

They might give you a very nice summary report after that – with plenty of recommendations from what colors to wear and where is your wealth sector and how to activate it.

It might seem to be like authentic Feng Shui…. but it serves nothing.

What you receive is a nice-looking piece of paper that doesn’t tell you much except which auspicious ornament to buy.

If you are a layman – you really are unable to tell the value of what you have received.

Personally, I myself have bought a $200 jade pixiu when I was younger. This was years before I met my current Master.

The initial consultation was free and this made it very tempting.

I took the bait – and was told to keep it by my side at all times.

However after 2 years, I couldn’t convince myself that it brought me luck – so I kept it away.

Thinking back, it was really a waste of $200 – I bought something useless, something of $0 value… for $200!


Reason #3: You Prioritise Cost over Effectiveness

Everything in this world has a price. You need to understand the value of effective Feng Shui.

Essentially, you get what you pay for.

A wagyu steak will definitely cost higher than a sirloin steak.

You can’t expect to fly SIA when you go for budget.

So if you want Feng Shui to really:

  • change your life,
  • change your luck
  • improve your situation

How much would you pay for it?

This is your life we are talking about – not expensive food or branded airlines.

If you take Feng Shui as a worthwhile investment in yourself, don’t you think you’re being stingy if you only allocate a small sum?

If you think you deserve a better life, then you must think YOU are also worth it.

Ask yourself: Is your future WORTH it?

So…if you think that maybe Feng Shui should be costing just a few hundred dollars – or just requiring a red packet…

Then means you value your future to be CHEAPER than life insurance!

Honestly, life insurance can’t even help you unless you are already in a bad situation.

(Receive money only after death. Insurance industry gives it a nicer name – it is called “death benefits”.)

The truth is this: Feng Shui can change your life before anything bad happens.

You don’t have to wait for something bad to happen before contacting a Feng Shui Master.

Feng Shui could actually be the best form of insurance ever.

You might have seen the below graphic.

It is not just applicable to Feng Shui – it is applicable to ALL service providers.

4 Reasons Why Your Fengshui Doesn’t Work… When Others Do
4 Reasons Why Your Feng Shui Doesn’t Work… When Others Do

Unfortunately most people who do Feng Shui ask for cheap and fast.

Why cheap? Because who doesn’t love a good discount….

Why fast? Because I don’t need to shift my bed or table or do anything major to my premise, I just need to hang a few cheap ornaments and everything is settled, nothing complicated….

Cheap but useless ornaments

4 Reasons Why Your Fengshui Doesn’t Work… When Others Do
4 Reasons Why Your Fengshui Doesn’t Work… When Others Do
4 Reasons Why Your Fengshui Doesn’t Work… When Others Do
4 Reasons Why Your Fengshui Doesn’t Work… When Others Do

There are many “Masters” out there who are willing to make a quick buck.

And because you chose to prioritise cheap and fast – those priorities will lead you to these “Masters”.

This is what I call the shortcut way: quick, simple to do and the results are “fast”.

Everybody loves shortcuts… myself included.

However, you will come to realise that there are no such things as shortcuts to success.

Every successful person requires to put in hard work and determination.

If you take shortcuts, success will not be long lasting as your foundations will only be weak.

When an adversity comes, you will definitely fall.

Even Lee Kuan Yew himself didn’t take shortcuts to build a successful nation.

What more of ordinary people?

Reason #4: You did NOT listen to your Master

Imagine this: You have found the right Feng Shui Master.

You saw his track record, i.e. he has many projects & clients – and most of which are still alive and kicking after doing Feng Shui with him.

Also these projects are verifiable, i.e. real people and real businesses / homes.

Your friends also testified that after doing Feng Shui with him, things have start to improve. These improvements are obvious and undeniable.

So you don’t mind paying a premium for his service.

  • He comes down to your premise
  • He tells you what is wrong and how to make changes
  • You make the changes
  • And your life significantly improves

This is the happy ending everyone wishes to have.

However, you didn’t listen to ONE of the changes that was required.

Whether is was to:

  • Shift your bed
  • Shift to another room
  • Put certain things in certain areas
  • Not to use certain doors
  • Leaving certain remedies intact even while you are away

You feel that it is troublesome and a small thing such as this will not affect your Feng Shui much (maybe you are unaware how Feng Shui really works that’s why)

However, you are very wrong indeed.

The word “change” is essentially what it means – to really change your situation, from bad to good… completely.

So for a complete change to take effect, you must realise that YOU also have to make changes.

These changes needs to be COMPLETE and not just 99% of the changes. 99% is not complete.

If not, why even see a Feng Shui Master in the first place if you are unwilling to change and improve your life?

It will be far easier to wish for a magic pill that you can take and hope everything will magically improve.

Feng Shui isn’t magic

You must accept that to get out of your current bad situation – this means that somethings needs to be changed.

Otherwise, you will remain as you are.

No one is more knowledgeable in the field of Feng Shui than your Master, so do listen to him, tell him what you want and he will tell you the changes that needs to be done.

It doesn’t work the other around – unless you are a Feng Shui Master yourself.

I am reminded of these 2 cases I like to mention.

There are 2 families: one lives in Serangoon, one in River Valley.

  • The River Valley family did their Feng Shui in 2016
  • While the Serangoon family did their Feng Shui in 2018

After completing the process, both HDB had the same Feng Shui structure.

The family in River Valley was very happy with their Feng Shui. They followed their Master’s instruction to the dot and complied with everything. Even when they didn’t like it, they tried to accommodate it.

Results: The parents are retired and always seemed to have good luck with 4D – even till today in 2019.

One of their sons who had career problems found a good job. When both of their sons moved out, they did Feng Shui for their respective homes too.

It is a happy ending for the River Valley family.

Let’s compare it to the family in Serangoon.

After doing Feng Shui for 1 month, the family decided to go on a holiday.

Their Master told them to continue placing their Feng Shui remedies and not to take them away.

However, they didn’t do so.

Results: After coming back, the wife fell very ill. She also had some disagreement with her boss.

The husband (in the property industry) couldn’t make much sales even after spending on marketing.

In the end, they concluded that Feng Shui didn’t work.

They even decided to move the position of their bed back to its original position without informing their Master!

Not so happy ending for this Serangoon family.

I’ll just leave the facts here for you to make your own conclusion.

These are 2 real cases and the facts are verifiable. There are also many of such cases similar to this Serangoon family.


Feng Shui continues to thrive even in today’s modern world.

As life in this century becomes more complicated with advancing technologies – Feng Shui still endures.

The ancient wisdom is more than valuable – it is derived from the first principles of living in harmony with our physical environment.

If you are keen to find out how Feng Shui can improve your luck and your life – I invite you to contact me for a no-obligation consultation. 


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