The Hidden Danger Lurking In Your Condo

The Hidden Danger Lurking In Your Condo

The Hidden Danger Lurking In Your Condo

If you have been following the news, you will probably have read about the various hype of new condo launches. There is a huge amount of interest regarding condominiums – my guess it probably has to do with the common aspiration to upgrade from HDB flats to private property.

My concern as a Feng Shui practitioner is the fact that many are going through a significant property investment without taking due consideration on the Feng Shui of the place.

This is especially so if the new place is going to be their new place of residence – their family members will be coming along and staying with them.

The Swimming Pool’s Impact On Feng Shui

In most condo developments, the swimming pool will be a key highlight and selling point.

It would also be considered weird if there were no swimming pool present!

The Hidden Danger Lurking In Your Condo
The Hidden Danger Lurking In Your Condo

But if you looked at my previous post regarding the dangers of seaviews – you will understand why I am against seeing water bodies near a premise.

Whether is it your personal lap pool, your neighbour’s swimming pool, a canal, reservoirs, public pools and even a fish tank – all these could provide significant impact to the Feng Shui of your place.

Water is an Activator of Qi

It is important to note that water is an activator of Qi. Activating the wrong Qi can easily upset the yin and yang balance of harmony at home.

When this happens, it can bring about detrimental effects on wealth, health and relationships.

Currently, we are in period 8 – which means there are only 2 prosperous stars 8 and 9.  If you’re lucky, you might just have the water activating one of these stars.

But how many people are actually that lucky?

What if the water ends up activating other inauspicious Qi? (as happened in the case of my previous post)

There is also this misconception from some people that believe they can somehow “block” this water from their home by using curtains or any form of shade or even auspicious ornaments.

Unfortunately, Feng Shui does not work this way. Auspicious ornaments have absolutely zero effect on Feng Shui.

How would you know whether a water body is affecting your home? There is a simple rule: if you can see it, then you are affected.

Example 1: Is Your Condo Unit Facing The Pool?

The Hidden Danger Lurking In Your Condo
The Hidden Danger Lurking In Your Condo

In this case, when you look out out of the window, you can see the swimming pool.

However if you are located at the unit behind, then you are safe – because the swimming pool is blocked by this unit.

Example 2: Can You See A Canal From Your Home?

The Hidden Danger Lurking In Your Condo
The Hidden Danger Lurking In Your Condo

In this example, a water body is this canal located in Sengkang.

It stretches from East to West with a long water body. This is similar to most swimming pools in condo developments.

If you are living on either side of it, it is likely the water is activating not only the Qi from 1 sector.

In fact, it could also be simultaneously activating Qi from at least 3 different sectors.

The sectors North, North-West and North-East will be activated for the apartments on one side.

For apartments on the other side, sectors South, South-East and South-West will be activated.

How likely are these 3 sectors of Qi auspicious?

You might be 1 of the lucky apartment unit out of the hundreds there that has 2 auspicious Qi activated while having 1 inauspicious Qi activated.

But how about the rest of the units? It is highly unlikely that the auspicious Qi will outweigh the inauspicious Qi.

That being said, we have a special case of an apartment that we audited that was exempted from the effects of the canal.

It was lucky to be in a position that the adjacent apartment is blocking the view of the canal.

So the reverse of the simple rule applies: if you can’t see the water body, then you are not affected.

The Balancing Act of Feng Shui

The main goal of any Feng Shui is to increase the auspicious energy while reducing the inauspicious energy (or making it inactive).

These are the questions I ask myself:
Should I place the auspicious energy at the sectors where water is located?
Hence it can be activated and bring prosperity to the home.

Or should I put it at your main door?
Since you walk through it everyday and it brings the energy into your home, making it more prosperous day by day.

The fact is this:
One cannot be done without sacrificing the other. This is the tricky situation I am talking about.

By making your main door auspicious, it will likely make your water sector become inauspicious. But we wouldn’t want to activate inauspicious Qi.

The opposite is also true.

If I make your water sector auspicious, then it doesn’t feel right for your main door to be inauspicious.

This is when I wish I could magically make your water disappear!

But it is not possible to ask you to shift a swimming pool is it?

This is the tricky situation that Feng Shui Masters typically face when doing audits of condo units.

Now, knowing all these knowledge from above – let’s apply it to selecting a good Feng Shui unit in a condo development.

A Feng Shui Case Study on Gem Residences

The Hidden Danger Lurking In Your Condo
The Hidden Danger Lurking In Your Condo

In general to select a good Feng Shui condo unit, we start with the method of elimination.

The very first units I will eliminate – will be units that can see the swimming pool.

Yes – from a Feng Shui perspective, the pool really creates a lot of additional headaches.

(So much for the selling point and premium hype of pool views!)

Choices to eliminate: Units 1, 2, 3, 8, 15, 16 and maybe unit 14.

There are quite a lot of pool-facing units in this development.

There are also other water bodies present other than the swimming pool.

So I will further eliminate these units:

  • Unit 7 near the pet pool
  • Unit 4 which has a small water feature behind it.

With this, I have removed more than 50% of the units from my list of choices.

More than 50% of the residences here are likely to not have a well-balanced Feng Shui

Please take note I didn’t say bad Feng Shui, I said not well-balanced.

This is because I didn’t physically go down to do any measurements.

From where I am sitting, I can only make simple but logical assumptions and estimates.

How Feng Shui works is that not well-balanced Feng Shui could lead to disharmony.

This disharmony will lead to problems. These problems could also lead to other problems.

And so on and so forth. Do you get the idea?

A snowball effect – a small problem that increases in size as time passes.

The Remaining Units – The Actual Feng Shui Work Begins

So we have shortlisted these units: Units 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13.

Now this is where the real detailed analysis of Feng Shui begins.

As we can see, the units are all North or South facing.

For this, we will need to refer to the flying star charts that are facing North and South – to determine whether the units are really auspicious.

The flying star charts for North and South facing are as follows:

The Hidden Danger Lurking In Your Condo
The Hidden Danger Lurking In Your Condo
The Hidden Danger Lurking In Your Condo
The Hidden Danger Lurking In Your Condo

As you can see, I’ve highlighted the number 8 and 9 stars.

These are the stars you would want to be at your main door and not anywhere else.

For the best auspicious effect, these stars should not at your bedroom, living room or kitchen.

Referring to the chart for North 1 and North 2/3, the best location for the main door to be in – would be either North or South.

In these remaining choices of units, do these units have their main doors at the North or South location?

Unfortunately no.

All these units have their main doors at the non-cardinal locations.

Hence, the only flying star chart we should focus on are:

  • the South 1 chart with the number 9 star at the South-West location
  • the South 2/3 chart with the number 9 star at the North-East location

So from the remaining units left, which unit has their main door at the North-East or South-West location?

  • Main door in the South-West location (South 1 chart):
    • Unit 9
    • Unit 11
  • Main door in North-East location (South 2/3 chart):
    • Unit 5
    • Unit 13

With these 4 units left, the only thing you have to do is to make sure that these units are indeed facing South 1 or South 2/3 – and you’re good to go!

However to find out the unit’s facing, it would be best to engage a Feng Shui Master to measure for you physically.

He or she would be the best person with the right skills for an on-site measurement using a Feng Shui compass (a.k.a Luopan).

If your units are units 5, 9, 11 and 13 – you already have naturally good Feng Shui.

Of course, there are still ways to further improve it.  That is because the power of the number 9 star is second to the power of the number 8 star.

To further boost the Feng Shui effectiveness, we can enable you to access the number 8 star at your main door.

What If I Have Bought A Pool-Facing Unit?

For the other units other than 5, 9, 11 and 13 – these units unfortunately do not have naturally good Feng Shui.

However, there is no need to worry – you still have options to remedy the inauspicious energies in your new home.

There are still ways to access the power of 8 and 9 at your main door while reducing the effects of inauspicious Qi.

Even if inauspicious Qi has been activated by the water, there are solutions available.

As I reiterated a few times in this post, Feng Shui is a fine balancing act that requires a deep understanding on how the Qi energies are being activated.

This is why a Feng Shui Master is still needed to do a detailed audit to ensure other factors have not been missed out.

If you are concerned whether your new home might be activating inauspicious Qi or you feel that your life is being hampered by poor Feng Shui, I invite you to contact me for a consultation session.

We can discuss whether a Feng Shui audit is necessary and to discover any underlying causes that might be impacting you negatively.


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