How My Skeptical Nature Was Won Over By Feng Shui

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How My Skeptical Nature Was Won Over By Fengshui

How My Skeptical Nature Was Won Over By Feng Shui

If you read my background, you would know I would be the last person to start learning about Feng Shui. But a series of events that happened to me made me overcome my skeptical nature.

Those events made me realize the true value and impact of Feng Shui on all aspects of my life – from relationships, wealth and my own health.

Let me just state while some of these situations seemed small and inconsequential to you – it made a huge positive dent in my life and my loved ones.

From a lifetime of lactose intolerance to enjoying ice-cream whenever I want

You see, since young I have always been lactose intolerant. I would always have stomach indigestion after meals. So my mother has been advising me to:

  • eat slower
  • avoid milk related foods

But the issue persisted and always affected my enjoyment of food – despite all these various precautions.

So during my Feng Shui learning journey, I realised that the Qi of the location I was sleeping was countering my personal gua.

To counter this, I placed a divider beside my bed to change the Qi. The next day, when during any meals, I ate slowly and realised that my stomach did not give me any problems.

Ok, maybe slow eating works.

So the following day, I tried to eat quickly for every meal and realised that my stomach still gave me no problems.


The 3rd day – I decided to test whether just adjusting my bed really have an impact.

I drank milk and ate dairy products at a normal person pace and also realised that my stomach gave me no problems.

Honestly, this was my first Feng Shui test on myself. While I was glad with the positive results – I still wasn’t convinced.

But hey – ice-cream here I come!

Improved Health For My Mother

My dear mother – she has always been complaining of leg pain – especially when walking and sleeping. It becomes more common as one grows older.

With my newfound Feng Shui knowledge, I realized that her sleeping location was also countering her personal gua.

I did the same thing and also placed a divider beside her bed to change the Qi.

But I kept it to myself and did not tell her the reason.

The next day I asked her about her leg. Surprisingly as she massaged her leg – she told me with a surprised look that it doesn’t hurt as much as before.

I asked – “How much less painful?”

“About 80% less pain than before.”

The following day, she suddenly came over to me.  She told me happily – her leg seems 100% okay – no pain whatsover.  This test and result gave me more confidence that it was the effect of Feng Shui.

But I needed further verification.

Falling Sick Despite My “Typical Precautions”

In Feng Shui I learnt that when a new month comes, the Qi changes. So based on my calculations, the sickness star will be arriving to my bed.

So basically, according to Feng Shui, I will definitely fall sick that month.

But I decided to NOT put up with any Feng Shui remedy.

Instead, I decided to eat only healthy food – no fried, oily foods.

Only soup, food that is cooked in a healthy manner, lots of water.

And it seemed to work – the month proceeded normally without me falling sick.

That was until it was the last day of the month.

I was at Sentosa and decided to eat just 1 chip from my friend who bought it from a street vendor.

1 chip only. What harm can it do?

But when that chip entered my mouth, I suddenly felt my throat become painful. I stopped eating and started to drink lots of water.

Even after reaching home I still did a “mini water parade” before going to sleep.

However, when I woke up the next day, I came down with a fever and sore throat.

Was I that unlucky? Or was Feng Shui that accurate?

At this point, it was another confirmation that Feng Shui works.

Family Harmony From Feng Shui

Ever since I started learning Feng Shui, I have already began meticulously monitoring and adjusting my house Feng Shui remedies. In fact, for a few months, it seemed my family situation was improving bit by bit.

I started to notice that there hasn’t been any arguments in quite a while.

Usually my father will complain or argue with me whenever I wanted to shift a piece of furniture or place a Feng Shui remedy.

But recently he seemed to accept what I was doing and did not voice out anything.

But during a family breakfast gathering, as I was talking a bit about Feng Shui, my father suddenly “exploded” in anger and started to scold me about placing too many Feng Shui remedies.

The calm and peaceful atmosphere was suddenly interrupted.

It was also very surprising as it seemed it was a sudden and unexpected outburst from my father who is usually known to be a very calm person.

This sudden outburst led me to think that was something wrong with my Feng Shui setup.

Somehow, the Feng Shui that usually worked – did not work for that month.

Was there something I did wrong?

I went back home to check and realised that I had forgotten to place the remedy for the argument star.

Moreover, this argument star has always existed and I have always remedied it –  it was just that I forgot to do so this month.

And when this incident happened it was also the start of this new month  – when the flying stars have changed.

I checked with my Master and he confirmed that was the only star that I did not remedy.

Was this just confirmation bias at work?

Yes, I have my initial skepticism – was I simply seeing what I wanted to see?

But these sequence of events that happened has to be more than mere coincidence. It was happening too frequently for me to just dismiss them.

Feng Shui is about the balance of the yin and the yang. And in the cases I described above, I tested both the positive and negative aspects – especially when I didn’t remedy the Qi.

Working with my Master on other major Feng Shui projects, I have learnt to never discount my observations and instead be open to the surroundings.

Having this keen eye might made me seem to be partial to the Feng Shui practice.

There are many elements unseen that has made Feng Shui continue to thrive even after thousands of years.

Furthermore, what Feng Shui taught me deeply about the Pareto 80/20 principle.

You see, very minor adjustments (the 20%) in my life resulted in a smoother ride to achieve the 80% success in all aspects.

Everything felt easier and more congruent – a “true alignment” of the stars.

The effort was small compared to the outsized results.

I refrained from mentioning the financial rewards of improved Feng Shui lest people think that should be the main motivating factor. (But yes, financial impact does exist.)

But really, there is no price to put for improved health and relationships – which I have personally witnessed countless times.

Looking to take the lift to success instead of taking the stairs? I invite you to contact me for a free consultation to discover how to align your stars to achieve your desired goals.


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