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My interest in “fengshui” was stirred up when I chanced upon the website of a renowned “fengshui” master. Tried as I could to understand the rationale and basis of the theory, I couldn’t seems to apply those theory onto my own house and all the website does was to convince and make believe for “fengshui” freaks to buy all the ornaments from them.


Hoping that it would really change my life for the better (or what people always say “buy a hope”), I would read the website daily and buy the ornaments for both my house and workplace, even right up to choosing the “perfect” day and time to place those ornaments. Making believe that the ornaments will soon magnifies and unleashes it “power” to counter whatever evil forces it’s purpose is for. Until one day, I asked myself, “If I can buy these ornaments, so can any tom, dick and henry. Then there will be world peace, everyone will have no problems at all” and “why would I “worship” and make believe that the piece of metal figurine can have the power to work wonders against the evil forces?”


It is only after the birth of my son, did my husband met Master Koh for the selection of his Chinese name that I got to know him too. After many more interaction and consultations, I decided to let Master see my “Ba Zhi”. Throughout the consultation, I have this bugging question in me, and I finally ask Master am I suitable to be an entrepreneur offering metaphysics consultancy services.


Looking back, I did not regret learning the secret and art of living with the nature. Many things that we deem to leave it to fate are somehow within our control. It is through the understanding and the art of living with nature that we can achieve harmony, and balance out our lives. What many people do not actually know is that many masters out there would always convince you that your house is not in the good direction and the energy of your house is bad, therefore asking you to buy certain ornaments to make believe that by doing so, the luck will change. Aren’t we, at the end of the day, just buying hope?!


After acquiring the knowledge, secret of “Xuan Kong Fei Xing” and skill to understand the balancing of living with the nature, the very first practical that one can see is my very own house. I put my own house to a test! Just a simple orientation of the door and placement of wind chime, can totally change the “fate” of your life. After successfully trying out on my own house, I move on to my mum’s house, putting the knowledge and skills learnt to a test. It is once again, proven to be real. You may be sceptical about it as there proves too many con “masters” out there who made believe by imagination and wonderful stories-spinning. But, they all have one thing in common besides asking you to purchase all the ornaments at sky-high rates, they all could not tell you the past happenings of the household. If one could not tell you the past and present, what makes you think that they can tell you the future?


However, Master Koh can tell you accurately the ongoings of the household, both the past and present, down right to the month.

Remember, chinese metaphysics, better known as “Fengshui” is not about hearsay and make believe. It’s about evidence and has to be proven.

Kok Chye, Singapore

I’m always a skeptic when it comes to FengShui.  In fact, like most of you that may have heard countless bad stories/experiences of those seeking FengShui masters out there. Just like the majority of FengShui seekers, often they are laden with false hope, twisted reality, confusion and false beliefs. What I dreaded most are these seekers (including some colleagues, families members ) who did not become a better person but ended up becoming extremely superstitious and disillusioned. Finally, what I hated the end to most FengShui seekers blame their fate when they are confronted with any problems (what happened to the countless money they spent and the FengShui master advice?). It never dawn to me that Fengshui could ever be of any association or impact in my life.


2 years ago, I got to know Master Koh when accompanying a good friend for a consultation session (Being highly recommended by many attracted me to tag along). Nothing was wrong with me but just interested and curious to see what he had to say about my friend situations.


To date, I did not regret meeting Master Koh and have been his student for the last 1.5 year after much hesitation in the beginning. It may be difficult to put into words in this testimonial, but what Master Koh taught works!!


Comparing with some acquaintances in the trade, I notice the fundamental different is that Master Koh do not ask anyone to buy anything (normally seen other spending few hundreds to thousands on these stuffs). His confident in treating every individual case and his “no such thing as failure” approach really gain my trust and he has nothing to hide from us (even bring us down to experience some of his actual cases). Following the traditional approach, such as “Date Selection”, “Da Gua” allows every case to be rectified with precisions of a surgeon.


My very own first FengShui exercise consist of just applying some of the basic I have learn during his lesson  actually such as putting 3 lamps at my door and careful placement/removal of water (fish tanks) etc that allow me allow my family to improve our finances within a month and avoided a few setbacks. It is worth every cents of the training as the original intends was just to make life more pleasant as we were not expecting reap any financial gains.


I have also put what I learn into practice and thus have seen improvement both in some of my friends and colleagues in term of their family health and finances. Using what I have learn such as placement of stove, bed position, putting of simple wind chimps etc has allowed them to reap significant benefits. This also allow me to confirm what I have learn just like what Master Koh constant urge for all his students “ Go and prove yourself, prove what you have learn really work”


Serene Chu, Singapore

I would like to thank Master Koh for teaching me a lot of knowledge about Feng Shui and his guidance. I get to know Master Koh in person by one of his student. Initially, I went for the Bazi service in 2009. He predicted when is my “good” &“bad” time with the  “why” and “how to remedies it”. I witnessed things really happened one after another. Later on, I learnt that he is offering coaching course in Feng Shui, I began the Feng Shui Journey in 2010.


During the course, I used my house as my practical application and shared my findings with Master Koh. He highlighted the important sectors that I need to pay attention such as the stove, my parents’ room and my room. He also guided me through how to apply the remedies. After the remedies, my brother’s business growing with more opportunities, my mother’s health improving and thing is getting smoother. After the course, I can simply use it and apply them in my daily life.


I would like to thank Master Koh for teaching me a lot of knowledge about Feng Shui and his guidance. I am really grateful to be one of his students.


Glenn Ong, Singapore

When it comes Fengshui, I was a skeptic, as often I hear around from friends, different Fengshui Masters have so different opinions and often see my friends buy a lot of Fengshui display items yet their lives do not improve at all. After I got to know and learn from Master Koh, my views on Fengshui changed as he was able to predict what happens to me and what will happen in the future were so accurate and after graduating from Master Koh’s Fengshui courses I was able to predict and apply my home’s Fengshui as well as assess others Fengshui. After hands on practical lessons, the more I see the more assurance I have for Master Koh’s Fengshui. Now I really understand what really is and able to see why some business are good and others close down.



Roy Chia, Singapore
+65 9100 2615

I have follow Master Koh’s courses for 5 years. Throughout the years of metaphysics study, I understood ancient authentic fengshui various school of teaching and the applications are proven to be workable during my practical applications. The results are shown within few days. This has proven me the amazing part of chinese metaphysics that has been passed down for 2000 years.Fengshui is not about auspicious items, but fengshui consists of methods that showing the forces of the “good” and “bad” magnetic fields which are known as “Qi”. From Jixiang Fengshui, you will get to know the authentic methods, the applications, school of teaching and you will gain useful practical knowledge from Master Koh’s personal experience gained from his big projects involving city & factory design!


Andy Leow, Singapore

+65 9747 7948

I like to share some of my experiences after learning from Master Koh . I took up face reading, bazi, basic feng shui and others. After the bazi lesson I know at which year my luck is good, and why things are happening to me. This knowledge helps me in making some of my decisions, and what element, colour or people can benefit me and what not. Feng shui is the only thing that can help you when your luck is bad. Believe me I had tried it.


I learned from Master Koh the remedies of making your house’s feng shui better. Some fengshui master only want your money but cannot solve your problems. They ask you to buy a lot of things but real feng shui you do not need to spent a lot it is all about the five elements. Master Koh’s lessons help me a lot and you can always get back to him. What he teaches me can be put into practice and you can see the difference. He is not like other masters who teaches you about feng shui but at end of the day you cannot use it in your daily life and ignore you after your lessons completed.



Danny Soo, Singapore

Thanks To My Teacher Master Koh, Ever since shifted to Buangkok in 2002, my family have become financial tight. All things since to turn from good to bad financially, especially my elder brother who stay together.


For the first , I came to know feng shui from my teacher, Master Koh in 2004. And realize the importance of authentic feng shui and pick up my learning from Master Koh. He is endowed with wide ancient scientific knowledge. I have not only learn to understand fundamental 5 elements that can be classified in our nature of world of all mean and matter from the Bazi, and most important the method to apply and solving the problems in the specifics year and time. Using the scientific “methods of right time, right location, right person, right number and item placements” with the surrounding we are using. Application is logic, cheap and simply. This does not require you to purchase anything most that $30.00. And the effect is fast and miracles.


I have completed feng shui. Bazi analysis, Date selection with Master Koh. My life seem to improve and had also request Master Koh to further improved my environmental science to my place. But was turned by him. He requested me to shown him the my floor plan and the exact degree of my flat. “The degree of the flat ought to be determined from the 1st level of the flat because the “bomb shelter” metal will drastically affected my reading if I measure from my flat. This would be better to save my expenditure and reduce financial burden. And also discussion, with other students.


Upon reading the floor plan, my flat had a 2 sunken East and North West sectors. He highlighted the importance of the sectors. “What will be affected ? Who will be affected ? When will be affected ? He selected the date and time urged me place on then specific place of the flat as well as re-arrangement of furniture in according to the fundamental principle of nature using element and number and time as well as Bazi.


Within days, miracles happened, my elder brother strive rich not a small amount. In fact, he had been unemployed and income instability since shifted to this flat and living with debts was clear subsequently.


On the second occasion, my eldest sister since not smooth since lunar new year this year. She invited me to her residential to check her fengshui environment. I requested all the birth date of her family members. I studies their Bazi and selected a right time to her residential. On that day, I have spent more that 2 and half hour re-arranging her furnitures, paintings, TV sets , fish tank, bed and plants etc. .I left for home after re-arrangement. On the same day, 5 hour later in the evening, she call me, they strive 2nd prize. What a miracles!!! I told Master Koh, he said elements and fundamental placement is right, this is the “fundamental principle” to enhance the cyclical qi.


Many thanks Master Koh, your guidance, patience and teachings “The fundamental principles” Thanks To Your Wonderful Coachings and amazing results.


Irene, Malaysia

My family has been living in an apartment in Johor Baru that bought in year 2001.  Back then, I have no knowledge about Feng Shui at all, therefore the apartment was bought with no consideration of any aspect of Feng Shui.


They was a saying, moving house generates good luck for three years. However, things have not been improving for us in our new home, as I can see it is deteriorating, especially for my sister and brother-in-law in their career path.


My sister’s employer folded the interior design business in late 2002, my sister who was an interior designer went out of job and started her career as private tutor. For the past 2 years, she has ventured in her wholesaler business for ladies accessories, however business has been slow.


My brother-in-law has a very demanding sales job and yet earning limited income, with no bonuses and salary increment in the past 5 years, the company has finally folded up their business this year with no retrenchment benefit being offered to staff.


I became interested in Feng Shui in year 2006, after attended to some Feng Shui courses in Singapore, where I lived and worked for 9 years.   Through my old classmate, Alice, who is one of the students of Master Koh, I get to know Master Koh in person. I also learnt that he is offering one to one coaching course in Feng Shui , Bazi and date selection. I believe this unique coaching methodology would allow me to focus in what is taught and study at my own phase while achieving the maximum result in my learning. Without much hesitation, I sign up for both Feng Shui and Bazi courses and started my venture in the Feng Shui world.


Soon, I bought my very first compass. I started using it to study the reading of our JB apartment. It is sitting gen facing kun, oops…it is one of the non auspicious house facing and sitting for period 8! I shared my findings with Master Koh, he has guided me to study and analyze the situation using various Feng Shui school of thought and methodology. I have then applied all of these solutions into the apartment. What did we do? Nothing complicated indeed. We moved the sofa to the opposite direction of the living room, this aims to slow down and accumulating chi that flow into the house, hence retained wealth for the family, which also bring in new opportunity to the occupants.


The northwest corner of the apartment was occupied by a toilet, it is directly countering the earth element of northwest corner, male occupants of the house gets “bully” in many aspects in what they are doing, and mishap will follow. That explained the setback that my brother-in-law has faced in his career – no bonuses and increment in pay for the past 5 years! Of course, we applied the recommended remedies at that corner by enhancing the earth element in northwest corner, for example, keeping the toilet light on all day long to induce fire, hence producing more earth at the northwest corner.


Amazing thing happens after 2 week to my brother-in-law who is searching for a new job. He got multiple job offers to work in Malaysia and China, he finally went for a sales job as a Regional Sales Manager that based in China. The job looks promising, and offers plenty of opportunity for growth. Good news never stops here, my sister’s wholesales business too has grown double comparing last year. She gets calls often for new businesses and returned customer.


I am grateful to Master Koh for the details guidance rendered. Certainly, I am amazed about the result achieved in such a short period of time after applying Feng Shui remedies. The encouraging result will motivate me to explore further in the world of Feng Shui.


Jojo Wong, Malaysia/ Singapore

After learning Fengshui from Master Koh, I have a clear understanding of why things happening around me. I know how the flying stars are effecting me. Things started to improve after fengshui remedies were applied, everything is more smooth sailing for me, my work place was better, I even strike 4D lottery.


I have friends who spent a lot of money buying fengshui items and paying for superstitious rituals, yet their lives did not improve at all. I am so glad that I found the real authentic fengshui and able to learn and apply. One example is the house back in my hometown in Malaysia, where my very young nieces and nephew are staying and often fall sick, I went back and applied fengshui remedies at the house and I was surprised that they all recovered the very next day.


Master Koh had also rendered his Fengshui service for my Malaysia, KL landed house, before the main door was relocated, there was often disharmony at home, everyone living there was always tense and quarrelsome, my very young nieces and nephew were often sick. The day the door was relocated, everyone felt different, stable and peaceful energy filled the house, my father even strike lottery the very next day, he had never strike once for a long long time. Surprisingly, the children tens to be more obedient, even one of my niece whom never like to speak at all start calling people. I begin to feel more hopeful in life, thanks to Master Koh.


Lillian Koh, Singapore
Fengshui Practitioner

I am really grateful to have known Master Koh, I can really say that he is my life savior or rather my whole family’s life savior. He had rectified my parents’ condominium and my parents really see improvement in all expects of life. In fact, after I learned and analyzed my parent’s place, I realized that had not Master Koh rectified their place, my parents would have to face much obstacles and health problems.
Being his student is a joy, the knowledge that I gained from Master Koh’s lessons gave me all the answers to the questions that I am seeking all my life. Master Koh really trains and groom Masters out of his students. After learning from Master Koh not only I was able to rectify my own house’s Feng Shui, I was able to provide Feng Shui remedies for others too.


Let me share one of my experiences during a practical lesson with Master Koh. It was an unplanned last minute appointment Master Koh had with a couple living in Compassvale, it was half way through my lesson then. The couple had a son and two daughters, living with a maid, their son whom was born normal but became spastic after a year staying in their house, from Master Koh’s Feng Shui analysis of the place explains clearly why their stove had effected only their son and not their daughters whom were sleeping in a different room. Master Koh was able to know which year his wife and daughter both had a car accident. I was amazed! I also learned how Master Koh rectified their house’s Feng Shui to minimize the bad and enhance the good. I am glad that I was able to see with my own eyes and witness the happenings of these real people and places.


I would like to mention that Feng Shui remedies is not a superstitious, guessing thing, it must be backed up with proof of evidence that can be explained logically.


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