San Yuan Da Gua Date Selection



Date selection is one of the key elements towards FengShui practices. It is the element to link the Heavenly Luck and the Earthly Luck towards the Human Luck to achieve the prosperity harmony and healthy living. FengShui practices will not be complete without a proper date to activate and link the 3 element Heavenly Luck, Earthly Luck and Human Luck. In this module, you will understand and master one of the most sophistical and accurate date calculation methods to determine time frame when your personal Qi is at optimal level.

Course Outline

  • 5 Elements & Cycles
  • 10 Heavenly Stems Yin & Yang of 5 Elements
  • 12 Earthly Branches Yin & Yang of 5 Elements
  • 12 Earthly Branches 4 Seasons
  • Learning Of Plotting Of 4 Pillars Charts
  • Examples Of Plotting 4 Pillars Charts
  • San He Combination (Earthly Branches)
  • San Hui Combination (Earthly Branches Seasonal)
  • Direct & Indirect Clashes Heavenly & Earthly Branches
  • Yin Yang Of 8 Hexagram
  • The LOSHU And Elements Of Trigrams
  • The HETU And Elements
  • What is 64 Hexagrams
  • 64 Hexagrams Vs 60 Jia Zi (Heavenly Stem & Earthly Branches)
  • Xuan Kong 5 Elements 64 Hexagrams
  • Period Star 64 Hexagrams
  • Name of 64 Hexagrams
  • Matching Day Master Xuan Kong 5 Elements – Produce & Counter In/ Out
  • Matching 64 Hexagrams with Heavenly Stems & Earthly Branches
  • Same Gua (Yi Gua Cun Qing) – Xuan Kong 5 Elements
  • Combination Of 10 – Xuan Kong 5 Elements
  • Combination Of Hetu – Xuan Kong 5 Elements
  • Hetu Combination (Yin & Yang Formation)
  • Produce Or Counter In & Out (Xuan Kong 5 Elements)
  • Matching The Seasons with Sitting Direction
  • Period Star (Yun Gua /Ai Star Gua Yun)
  • Gua Bu Chu Wei (Period Star)
  • Combination Of 10 – Heaven, Earth & Human Yuan Dragons
  • 2 Yuans & 8 Periods
  • 7 Robbery Star Formations – Period Star (Timeliness)
  • Ling Zheng Shen Period Stars
  • Matching The Month & Day Master With Sitting Directions
  • San Sha Of Year, Month, Day & Hour
  • 5 Yellow Star Year & Month
  • Tai Sui & Sui Po
  • Auspicious San Sha Day & Inauspicious San Sha Day with Examples
  • Criteria Auspicious San Sha Day on Xuan Kong 5 Elements and Period Stars
  • What Auspicious San Sha Day Can do?
  • Matching Auspicious Date & Time With Premises with Examples
  • Matching Auspicious Date & Time With People/ Deceased With Examples
  • Matching Premises Sitting Direction with People with Example
  • Selection Auspicious Time For Stove Setting For Curing Illness & Examples
  • Selection Auspicious Time for Remedy 5 Yellow Sha
  • Selection Auspicious Time For Water Activation With Examples
  • Selection Auspicious Time For Businesses Premises/ Exhibitions
  • Selection Auspicious Time For Shift In/ Bed Setting / Renovation/ Tilting Door & Table Etc..
  • Application For Fast/ Stable, Strong or Lasting Results

Our approach

A well organize course material will be provided and to ensure all your students fully understand our course, all coaching are carry on one to one basics. As such, our students will always have the full attention of our master.  To further help out student, a flexible course time flame has been adapted. Students will have the choice of taking their course at their own pace.

What will you gain from the course?

Empower and equipment yourself with one of the most complicated Chinese ascent Date Selection techniques. With this knowledge you are capable of connecting the Heavenly Luck and the Earthly Luck so as to enhance your Human Luck. It is the key element towards a professional Fengshui practice.

You can also apply this knowledge to your daily life style by selecting a good day in which your Qi is at its optimal values to start on any particular event, making important key decisions and etc. It is the secret key towards archiving an optimal Fengshui practice.

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