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Art Of Eastern Science Academy Singapore |

"AOES trains masters, many students became masters themselves in the field of Feng Shui, Ba Zi Analysis, Zi Wei Dou Shu Analysis, Mian Xiang Readings, San Yuan Xuan Kong, and etc. AOFES continues to develop his courses to allow us to learn more advanced and comprehensive knowledge in the field of Traditional Chinese Metaphysics and apply the simplified way of detection and corrective methods."

We DO NOT promote or sell any Feng Shui ornaments.


About Principal Koh

Principal Koh is the founder of  Ji Xiang Feng Shui Associates (吉祥风水学院), providing Feng Shui consultations and Chinese astrology services and teachings worldwide. Some of our industries he had covered includes manufacturing, telcos, transport, hospital, restaurants, beauty saloons, spas, many retail shops, even casket business and many more.

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  • - Ba Zi 4 Pillar Destiny
  •    八字
  • - Purple Star Astrology
  •    紫薇斗数
    – Practical Fengshui 1 – 6
  •   实用风水
    – 2 House Experience
  •    二宅实验
  • -Zhai Yun Xin An
  •    宅运新案
    – Face Reading
  •    面相
    – Xuan Kong Da Gua
  •    玄空大卦
    – San Yuan Date Selection
  •   三元择日
    – I-Ching
  •    易经
  • - Yin House Fengshui Course
  •    阴宅风水课程


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Our Services

  • - Life Analysis
  •    命理
  •  – Life Grave
  •    造生基
  • - Fengshui Consultation
  •    风水咨询
    – Corporate Design & Building
  •    商业大厦规划设计
    – Commercial/Residential Selection
  •    商业私人住宅择吉
    – Marriage Date Selection
  •    婚礼择吉
    – Ceasarean Date & Time Selection
  •    婴儿择吉时出世
    – Life Analysis
  •    命相
  • - Yin House Fengshui
  •    阴宅风水

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