Fengshui Consultation

Why everybody needs Fengshui Consultation, regardless of race or religion?

Like it or not, the flow of “Qi” energy exist everywhere as much as the law of gravity applies water flow from higher to lower level on this planet earth. The concern is the “Qi” that you tap from your environment everyday effects you immensely, whether you are at home or at your office, the good or bad “Qi” you harness from the environment will make or break you without you even knowing.


Why is getting the right Fengshui Master so important?

The term Fengshui may not be new to many, but true authentic Fengshui that really works and shows results are hard to come by. Some of you may have conducted Fengshui consultations on your residential or commercial properties with other Masters and experience versa effects or unable to see improvements, this is quite a common information we often gather from a new customer. Perhaps one should assess one’s Fengshui Master before he/ she assess your property. The true authentic Fengshui that really works has to be unique and customized to suit each individual, there is no one for all Fengshui method that can be copied and applied to another individual and obtain the same results. As such, you seriously require an experienced Fengshui Master to assess your Fengshui and customize it for you to obtain the maximum beneficial results.

P/s:  Never choose a Fengshui Master based on age or number of years in the industry, a good experienced Fengshui Master should have expanding loyal and repeat customers who will stay with him as his Fengshui remedies really works.


How does Master Koh conducts your Fengshui Consultation?

Master Koh is professional in his field, firstly information deem necessary is being gathered from the customer and site analysis is performed on both the internal and external environment. Depending on your needs, requirements and the size of your property the time taken estimates from 1 hour to 2 hours before he provides any remedies for your premises and site visits during and after remedies. For huge projects such as new buildings before construction may require subsequent visits for discussions and planning. You are encouraged to ask any questions during or after the Fengshui assessment. To obtain the optimal results you are advised to follow his instructions deem important and necessary. All information obtained are protected and kept confidential, permission is granted for any customer mentioned for reference or marketing purposes.

(You are advised to make your appointments early as Master Koh is always busy with projects and lessons that he does not even have time to discuss his website updates and he does not even do any marketing.)

(By appointment only)

*Call or Email NOW to get a quote on Master Koh’s Professional Fengshui Consultation for your premises. All prices quoted are NETT, Ji Xing Feng Shui DO NOT need you to purchase any Feng Shui items. We do not sell any Feng Shui products.


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