Face Reading Courses 1, 2 & 3 (Eng & Chi Text)


Face reading is one the ancient astrology that was used to determine the characteristics of a person. Characteristics such ad honesty, intelligence, reliability, loyalty are some attributes that we all seek in friendship, romantic or business partnerships. In Jixiang, we conduct face reading course that will help you better judge a person with real person’s photos with colour for learnings.
Ji Xiang Face Reading Course mainly consist of 3 modules, covering from the basic to  advance theories of face reading. Upon building a solid foundation and understand the advance theories, we will then help you to increase your skillset to next level by teaching you how to apply these theories. Real life case studies will be used during our courses to ensure that all students are capable of applying what had been learnt.



Face Reading Module One

  • Basic Concepts 基礎篇
  • Five Officers 五官  Five Stars 五星 Five Mountains 五岳 Four Rivers 四瀆
  • 12 Palace on Face 面上十二宮 100 Years on Face 面上百歲 Read Yearly luck 流年運氣
  • 3 Stages of Chinese Trinity 面上三停
  • Heaven (Fore Head) 上停
  • Human (Middle) 中停
  • Earth (Chin) 下停
  • 10 Shapes of the face 十種面型的分類
  • Round 圓 ﹐Square 田 ﹐Rectangle 目 ﹐Triangular 由 ﹐Heart 甲﹐Diamond 申﹐
  • Rectangle2 同 ﹐Rectangle3 用 ﹐Wind 風 ﹐King 王
  • Five Officers 五官篇
  • Ear is listening Officer 耳為采聽官
  • Eye brow is  眉為保壽官
  • Eye is Supervising Officer 眼為監察官
  • Nose is judgment Officer  鼻為審辨

Face Reading Module Two

  • Nose is a woman’s husband star 鼻子看婚姻 (夫星)
  • Mouth is I/O put Officer 口為出納官
  • 12 Palaces 十二宮看吉凶
  • Life Palace 命宮
  • Career Palace 官祿宮
  • Parents Palace 父母宮
  • Siblings Palace 兄弟宮
  • Traveling Palace 遷移宮
  • Karma Palace  福德宮
  • Health Palace 疾厄宮
  • Property 田宅宮
  • Spouse Palace 夫妻宮
  • Children Palace 子女宮
  • Wealth Palace 財帛宮
  • Friends Palace 僕役宮
  • Chin 地閣看晚運
  • Chin 下巴
  • Fa Ling Wen 法令紋
  • Cheek Bone 顴骨
  • Read face colors 氣色篇
  • Complexion Texture, Thickness, Color and Types of hair 頭髮厚薄,光澤,顏色隱藏的密碼
  • Five officers is heavenly luck, face color is yearly luck 五官是天命﹐氣色是運程
  • Green 青﹐Yellow 黃﹐Black 黑﹐Purple 紫﹐Red 紅﹐Dark Red 赤﹐White 白
  • Read Voice 聲音篇
  • Metal type, 金聲 Wood, type, 木聲 Water type,  水聲 Fire type,  火聲 Earth type,  土聲

Face Reading Module Three

Our Approach

A well organized course will be provided and to ensure all our students fully understand our courses, all coaching are carry on one to one basis. As such, our students will always have the full attention from our master.  To further accommodate our students, a flexible course time frame has been implemented. Students will have the opportunity of taking these courses at their own pace.

What will you gain from the course?
Upon completing the course, you will be equipped with the knowledge to better judge a person on the first impression. You will be capable to identify the good or bad facial feature and judging from the ways he/she sitting, walking, talking of actions to determine how much trust should be given to them. You can also extend and apply your knowledge to the daily life styles when dealing with your customers, new friends and even bosses.

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