Er Zhai Shi Yan 二宅實驗


Er Zhai Shi Yan, a book relating Fengshui was published in 1927. Authors are You Xi Yin, Rong Bo Yun (nickname: Liang Xi Chan Hui Xue Ren). Both learned Xuan Kong Fengshui based on Wu Chang lineage passed down from Tang Yang Wu. In 1923, a book published by Tang Yang Wu named “Da Xuan Kong Lu Tou” during the time when Ba Zhai Fengshui was popular. But majority of the readers during that time were not able to apply practically theories from the book in real situations. Tang Yang Wu’s book is based on his own opinions and judgments theoretically but to the authentic Xuan Kong Fengshui, it is far from achievement.

Rong Bo Yun, with a wealthy background, went on a mission to put Tang Yang Wu’s theories to test and verify. Therefore, he travelled varies parts of Zhe Jiang province, and practically tested and verified themselves, based on real people and events that occurred. Together with You Xi Ying, they complied the case studies for Er Zhai Shi Yan. These case studies are a must tool to learn for Xuan Kong Fengshui. It is also regard as “Living I-Ching”.

《二宅实验》为出版于民国十六年(1927年)的风水著作,作者为尤惜阴, 荣柏云,(号“梁溪忏悔学人”),两人都曾师从玄空风水之“无常 派”谈养吾学习风水。民国 十二年 (1923),谈养吾写《大玄空路透》一书。对当时八宅风水盛行的年代来说,确大有功于世。但大多数读者,都不能实用在真正环境。谈氏之书,强于理论,但对于真正的玄空而言,尚未入门。

荣 柏云因家境富有,衣食无忧,所以便想用实验来证明谈养吾的理论是否正确。因此走遍江浙各地,实地考察,由盛衰历史来验证玄空风水的理论,与尤惜阴研究后, 将结果集成一书, 题名《二宅实验》意即为“实验”的结果,并非泛泛而谈的风水理论。是研习玄空风水重要的实际教材。又被称为活易经